In The Kitchen

“Best Kind of Therapy”

For some cooking meals is a chore, for me it’s the best kind of therapy. I’ve been creating in the kitchen as long as I can remember.  My adult children grew up watching me cook all my feelings and we text recipe ideas to each other now on the daily.

I believe in always sharing recipes and you can find me on Plan To Eat where I’ve cataloged more than 300 of my faves. Let’s be friends there! It’s a great tool for meal planning and shopping and just might change your life.

I mostly cook Whole30 and low-carb meals, but I do love comfort food, especially recipes that have been passed down for generations. It’s all about moderation and balance.

I learned how to cook honestly, wearing aprons and apprenticing under the best instructors: my mother, mother-in-law and both grandmothers. I believe that creating delicious food is serving love in its purest form-nourishing both our bodies and souls.

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