What if you could recognize God in each?

"A God of All Seasons"

- Amy Breitman & T.H. Meyer

In my co-authored book with T.H. Meyer, discover the beauty and challenge of spiritual seasons as we remember parts of our stories in order to draw out your own. “A God of All Seasons” speaks to the heart when the soul feels gripped by the tendrils of an icy winter or lumbers to recover from a long spiritual reprieve. 

Learn to perceive God’s companionship even when you don’t sense His nearness. And unearth, not only a God who created the seasons, but one who also walks with you through them.. This devotional-style book is perfect for small group discussion or as a daily meditation.

What Others Have to Say

Renee Fisher

Author of "Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me" and 8 other books.
For those who have been damaged by a hard fall or experienced a painfully long winter storm–this book will encourage you to nestle into “The God of All Seasons” because He is faithful, even in the waiting!

Jennifer Hand

Founder of "Coming Alive Ministries" and author of 5 books
An incredible poignant book full of stories which remind you of what God is doing in your own story and season. I would highly recommend this book. It takes you on a pleasant journey of emotion reminding of what God is doing in your story regardless of the season you are in. This would be an awesome book club book, personal devotional or book to walk through over coffee with a friend.

Kim Hyland

Author of "An Imperfect Woman" and Founder of the Winsome Retreat
I’ve always loved the changing seasons. Their rhythm serves as a hopeful analogy for my days as well as my life. Amy and Tammy have captured that rhythm with their transparent stories of both life’s sober and glorious seasons. They bring hope and wisdom to to the bright and dark days, continually revealing the mastermind of every spring, summer, fall, and winter–our wise and our generous Father.

Karin Fendick

Poet, Author and Missionary
A God of All Seasons is filled with words that will encourage and inspire weary wanderers of any age while allowing them to feel that others have journeyed upon the same roads they trod. My spirit felt understood and welcomed here. Tammy and Amy move through God’s seasons with gentle humour and wisdom. This is a volume to cherish and consume, again and again

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