“Beloved In Blue Jeans”

I’ve been writing since I spilled out half-sentences in my diary in 3rd grade. 

I wrote my first internet post in this space 2013 and my blog was called “Beloved In Blue Jeans.” There is a poem that describes all that.  You can read it here.

Some of my writings have fresh tears spattering them. Bear with me on those.

Some of my scribbles are inked out on lined paper and are older than my cancer scars. A few have been published in books. Some ramblings only my cat and I have shared late at night. Every once in awhile she and I fall over snorting because we think I am the funniest writer alive. But mostly I write about faith and family and love and loss, with a recipe thrown in here and there.

I’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Guideposts Magazine, and co-authored a book titled “A God Of All Seasons.” You can learn more and order those books HERE.

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