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When my daughter asked me the other day how much coffee I drink each morning, I answered “1-2 pots.” She thinks I have a problem, I think it’s fuel for creativity.

I’m Amy and my name means “Beloved.”  It took me a real long time to believe it.  
I am an author and CEO.

I’m obsessed with black coffee, my new-found love of running, cowboy boots, and all things Tiffany blue.  

I am a wife, a mom to 2 adult kids, and a believer in every kind of redemption and in our innate superpowers.

Have you ever
felt all alone
on a path?

Yeah, me too.

My love of dreaming big came out of the deepest valley of my life- a cancer diagnosis at the age of 29.  The experience of facing chemotherapy at the same time as becoming  a new mom eventually beckoned me toward doing something that cast a large vision for women facing cancer and ultimately became a ministry that now serves women nationally.

During the 10 years I co-built The Lydia Project and dealt with my own grief surrounding my cancer diagnosis, I learned to be an expert at asking for funding, reaching others with the mission, arranging television and radio spots, and tapping into my long love of writing to tell stories.  After passing the ministry on to other capable hands, I along with the other 3 Founders handed the ministry back to God and I worked for several companies overseeing fundraising and marketing.  I found a passion in building brands and services, being part of innovative solutions to community needs. Two years ago I was called to be the third leader in Golden Harvest Food Bank’s 40 year history, leading a team of more than 60 employees, managing millions of dollars in hunger relief, and serving more than 12 million meals to families in Georgia and South Carolina. 

I didn’t always have the moxie to do brave things: in fact, just a few years ago I told God “I’m done.  I just want to sit in the back row somewhere.”  And he quietly whispered back: “Nobody puts Beloved in the corner.”

And so I put my boots on and show up every day, just trying to follow the agenda of the Holy Spirit.

It’s a wild, beautiful ride.

I believe you and I were created for a purpose.  Our job is to uncover it, own it, celebrate it, and share it with the world.  Don’t wait another minute to tell your story…whether it is your business, your testimony, your non-profit vision, or a recipe you need to share with your children.

Put on the full armor of God- whatever that looks like for you. (For me it’s a lot of leopard and Tiffany blue and boots, always BOOTS)

Bold friends have taught me to not be afraid of fear, but rather, to ask fear to get in the passenger seat.  We’ve become friends and we travel around, talking.  Jesus and I are driving, He keeps me on my toes but he is not the boss of me. 

As Seen On

Currently . . .

My days begin at 5 am, black coffee in hand.

And it’s a good thing I like hats, because I wear a lot of them.

I don’t have a “typical day”- but most are filled with strategic meetings with our leadership team, giving high-fives to warehouse heroes, connecting with community partners in our 25 counties, and being the chief storyteller to local and national media outlets from the frontlines of hunger relief. (Our marketing team refuses to let me have a bad hair day.)

I try to inspire our employees, volunteers and donors. And I most always wear leopard.  It’s a neutral.

But my favorite parts of each week are when I connect with those we serve at the soup kitchen or in a car line, waiting for food to be placed in the trunk of their car or on their plates. Even through masks the last couple of years, we smile with our eyes.  And there is a knowing- that we are all in this together. 

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