fireflies glowing in jars Amy Breitmann

Ep 5: Overcoming Lies

And that “anyone” can include our self. Some seasons or days (or hours), we need to contend for our freedom, fighting the good fight over our soul.

What we believe about ourselves is the life we live out. Some lies are obvious—as apparent as the nose on our face. But what about the secret lies we say about ourselves? How do we root those weeds out especially when they’ve been planted as a normal part of our inner landscape?

Amy and Tammy talked about the lies they’ve believed, how they broke free, and their (sometimes daily) journey in maintaining it. Hear how Amy struggled to embrace her beloved-ness and what became her turning point in grasping the depths of God’s love (and freedom) for her. Tune in as Tammy shares how one small group of women, a bible study, and a short drive home revealed the mystery of a familiar deception.

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