Our Journey with Anxiety: A Mother/Daughter Perspective

I’m not sure how old Shelby was when I noticed that her emotions were deeper and more sensitive than most. But I do recall arranging and rearranging her stuffed animals A LOT to get them in just the right spot so she could sleep.  Perfectionism is a trait she inherited from me, but there was something more going on.

My daughter will turn 21 on Christmas Day and she has grown up to be an articulate, sensitive, self-aware, and deeply faith-filled woman.  She doesn’t miss a Sunday at church or an opportunity to meet with her small group.  She is a leader on campus and a mentor to children.  She is studying psychology with and aspires to continue in graduate school with a degree in occupational therapy.  She has always wanted to help others.

She also has generalized anxiety disorder.

It’s something we named in high school.  And giving something a name is the first step in dealing with it.  I am so proud of Shelby’s transparency and vulnerability in sharing and advocating for others who struggle with any form of mental or physical illness or disability.

We talked a bit about our journey here: the things that have worked, what clearly doesn’t (ways I messed way up in dealing with this) and how faith and tangible tools can make a difference.  We pray that someone can see the hope and tools available in this journey.

The scriptures we mention are Phil 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:7

The book that was so helpful to her is Love Idol:  Letting Go Of Your Need for Approval and Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes by Jennifer Dukes Lee


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