The Stage of Letting Go That Might Kill You (or make you grow)


The girl that I have known before she took her first breath is preparing to leave.

She is nearly eighteen and preparing for college and my sophomore boy is taller than me, carrying bravery around like his battered backpack. They are both braver than me most days.

The thick-panes of my upstairs bedroom window frame the bare tree as I think about this season. From my view just one red leaf is still hanging on in the late day sun.

It is late autumn and the leaves have all turned crimson and gold.  Some accepted change before others. It’s a wide, glorious display before the winter snow piles high over them and they become nothing but compost for spring flowers. This one tree seems stubborn.

That single crimson leaf seems ready to let go, veined and wrinkled.

I wonder why that leaf is holding on when there are so many are there on the ground, waiting to cushion her fall. The autumn outside my window swirls like the emotions in this mama’s heart and there is no denying this season.



I know that all of these changes will make me grow, just like that tree. Another ring will form this year. But I’m not quite ready.

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