The Priceless Things


I received my grandmother’s diamond earrings two Christmases ago.  My mother had carefully wrapped them with a note and handed the package to me to me as the very last gift of that evening that we celebrated with family.  Grandma had passed away the year before and she had worn the earrings until her hands buckled too much with arthritis to put them in.  My mother had worn them for the past decade.

I cried when I opened the black box and read the note.

I trembled when I put the shining diamonds in my ears.

They were expensive, but not because they were worth a great deal of money.  They were worth a great deal of history.  They were a legacy. They were part of my story and now I got to carry them with me every day.

I rarely take those earrings off. They are a shining bit of my story.

I learned something important on that winter evening two years ago: Jewels are priceless not because of their dollar amount, but  because of their story.

And I’m learning this lesson more and more each day.

I’ve been dying to tell you something and TODAY is the day that I finally do.


I’ve joined the team at Vi Bella Jewelry Company as The Director of Marketing and Partnership Development.

This basically means I get to tell beautiful stories and share the true value of jewelry that is made by artisans in Haiti, Mexico, and right here in the U.S. Jewelry that changes people’s lives and hearts.

I also get to travel to Iowa pretty frequently and work with the amazing team at the home office there.

I will get to laugh late into the night with friends I have made in the Midwest, on soil that belonged to my grandmother, and a state where much of my family still calls home.

I may speak some at conferences  and will surely work from home a lot in my yoga pants drinking too much coffee with my cat staring at me from across the room. I’ll be doing lots of Google hangouts and conference calls.

It will also mean that our family is praying about going to Haiti.  And wondering how that might happen.  And how we might look into the eyes of the people’s  stories I have been called to tell.  And that my heart is sure to break in a thousand new ways because He has called me to a mission that is HIS.  To a people that are HIS.  To a new place.

And so I’m just going to be straight-up real about this.  It’s scary and exciting and thrilling and terrifying.  And peaceful.  It’s mostly peaceful. With intermittent panic.

But I know one thing for sure:  if this Blue Jean Girl stands for anything in these quaking boots of mine, it’s that stories matter.  And that every jewel in HIS crown is priceless. And the fact that I get to tell some stories of jewels in His crown is humbling.

I’d love for you to Join the Story with me.

We are adopting a focus this year at Vi Bella~ recording at least 3 beautiful things each day in an informal journal.  Here’s a printable that was beautifully done by  Anna Kate of AnnaKOriginals. if you want to come along with us.  We’d love to remember beauty together.

Pray?  Hold my hand?  Celebrate? And just maybe think about stepping into something in YOUR life that may be beautiful and scary, too…

Much love,

Blue Jean Girl

The printable from Anna Kate at AnnaKOriginals:   click here


ps.  YES~ the Beloved Shop and this blog will keep going.  I’ve got help behind the scenes and we are excited about new product and goodness coming later this week~ so stay tuned!

If you haven’t heard of Vi Bella, you can learn more in these places.

Lydia Lee


Lydia Lee’s post today~~ (gosh I love this girl and CAN NOT wait for a pajama party with her again next week!) Her family has been integral in the work that has been done in Haiti.

Jennifer Lee,who has been a long-time advocate and spokesperson for Vi Bella recently spearheaded a fundraiser that is doing some incredible, redemptive work. Read about it HERE.

Or watch the ViBella video here:




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