When Your New Year Looks Like a Broken Road

broken road

January is supposed to bring new, powerful insights, well-thought-out resolutions, and bright expectations. We are supposed to be hopeful in the simple and focused freshness of a clean calendar. It doesn’t take a very long look toward the internet or television or around our own circle of friends to feel the pressure. To feel like we were are the only one walking a crooked, broken road that leads into the new year. A road that is anything but fresh and new. Our road feels mundane or downright muddy. Or like quicksand.



I face the calendar spinning again and I remember. I remember Januarys where I didn’t see a lot of hope or promise. The sun stayed hidden. My house was a mess, but not as much as my heart was. In one season my hair was gone, and chemotherapy marked my days.  My new year’s resolution that year  included fighting to stay well enough to stay upright for a full 8 hours.

In another season, at the age of 16, I faced the new year on crutches.  And my spirit was more broken than the leg that I hobbled on.

So your new year isn’t bright and shiny? It’s marked with broken promises, jagged edges of relationships, a diagnosis that haunts you?   Something nagging is eating up hope with every painful step?

You are not alone. We can walk this broken road into the new year together. We have to.

Because the only way to stumble toward truth is linking arms.

Join me at Outside the City Gate today. I’d like to hold your hand as we face 2015.

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