The Gospel is All I Have

A funny thing happened when this Blue Jean Girl posted a tribute to teachers.   Until that post, my awkward, 4-month blogger resume’ consisted of one post that went “viral” with 5 friends.  It was shared a whopping 15 times on Facebook.   This one? 733 Facebook shares. A couple folks created pins on Pinterest. A ridiculous number of page-views spun, and my inbox filled up.    What’s a girl to do with all that?:   I shared my excitement with my family (aka my editors….they read EVERY word first…) I told a few friends. I jumped around a little bit and hugged my cat who was a witness to my late-night wordsmithing.
(She was thrilled, as you can see.)
I even got an extra dose of love from Jennifer Dukes Lee. And, after work each day, when I normally write,  I crawled into bed.  (With my cat and a bag of potato chips and my inbox.)   My words have been bound in Chicken Soup for the Soul books and Guidepost Christmas collections. I get the slow process of publishing. But the current-time pace of blogging?  Unknown territory. And it’s scary and strange.   But it’s time to get over these confirming moments and back to what I do.   Write. Late at night. And during all the in-betweens.   I’m grateful and honored that my words about teachers,  true heroes, struck a chord. That post was a God-wink to me that playing with words on this iPad and His spirit that flows out of broken me is connecting people. And that’s the whole point of this blog.
1. Welcome to the 260+ new Facebook followers and dozens who trusted to share with me in my inbox.  Thanks for joining us.
2. Let’s do this thing. In our Blue Jeans.  Let’s keep bumbling-along and picking up our crowns as Daughters and Sons of the King. A King who sees beyond our skinned knees and broken hallelujahs. A King who makes our messes beautiful.
Because ~~~~~~~>The gospel is all we have,
                                              ~Blue Jean Girl
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