Anybody else feel the change of season?  I pray you feel spring sprouting, even if you’re still covered in winter snow. . .
Take a minute to watch and breathe this one in.
The song is “Every Season” by Nichole Nordeman. Nichole’s songs always have beautiful, honest, raw prose.  She’s one of my faves.
I created this video for a women’s retreat a couple of years ago.  A sweet friend of mine sang the words while it played behind her.  Watching it still moves me. There are a few stock photos here but most I took myself.  It was a feeble attempt to capture nature:  In the mountains, in Iowa, and right here in my own backyard.
Isn’t it beautiful how God allows ALL the seasons to change not just nature, but us?
It may be spring outside, but what season are you currently in? Can you see God working in it? I’d love to hear from you….
P.S.  Thanks for patience as I get my groove on here in “blogdom.” I have a 12-year old son for tech support (o.k., and the help of my cat, which is honestly more of a liability….) so if a post comes to you all crazy-like? <———-Well, that right there explains it.
I apologize in advance.
Super-special thanks for those who have decorated my inbox with your stories,  insights and support. I cherish your words. You have no idea how I cherish them.  Keep them coming. I am in awe after hearing from Lydia recipients, corresponding with sisters from way back in my history, and even receiving a “thumbs up” from a full-fledged Christian writer that I admire. Gulp.
Already. (Again.) God. Blows. My. Mind.
He weaves a mighty tapestry between us when we connect…..
Going forward you can expect 2-3 posts a week that will deliver in the afternoons.
Sign up and spread the word~it’s gonna get good (and often messy) here ~ a lot of ideas brewing.
God Bless, Amy aka Blue Jean Girl

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