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Amy is excited and passionate about spreading hope and light through media and spoken words.

With an extensive background in speaking and advocacy and more than 15 years  in non-profit leadership and marketing,  Amy provides vision and collaboration in both Christian ministry and for-profit agency settings.

Amy now works as the CEO and Owner of Blue Jean Communications, and has helped dozens of organizations fine-tune their messaging and storytelling.

As a speaker, Amy is comfortable in audiences of one to one thousand, and able to passionately pitch ideas and brainstorm marketing tactics from titles to details. Amy has managed small and large special events~ from community fundraisers to inviting 3,000 community members to formal black-tie galas directed at key supporters.

As a cancer survivor, Amy has  been able to walk the path alongside cancer patients and their loved ones, connecting them with needed resources both locally and nationally. She  has  also been an encouraging voice to bloggers, authors, and founders of new businesses as a coach and cheerleader.

Topics Amy loves to share:

Cancer: From Treatment to Teamwork~ How Hope Wins

The Other Side of the Microscope:  Sharing with Researchers the Importance of Patient Perspectives

Beloved: This is What God Calls Each of Us.  It’s Time We Believe It.

Creative Book Marketing Techniques

Branding and Story: The Keys To Every Marketing Campaign

Intentional Living During Difficult Seasons:  Discover Your Spiritual Season and How It Affects Your Faith

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