I have always been a storyteller.

At ten years old I coerced my brothers and cousins to dress in costumes and I directed mini plays with this small cast of characters. About that same time I began scribbling thoughts and poems in my diary.

My mother gave me an appreciation for the history of our family recipes that have been been passed down for generations. I loved to lean close and hear the story of how my grandmother made dinner at noon for the farmhands. Antiques and vintage linens were always present in my home and I saw their weathered parts as pieces of a beautiful tapestry.

I began viewing the world as a place full of possibilities and promise.

Even scratches, scars, rips and tears told a story worth pondering. They whispered bit of history.

Everywhere I go I still look for stories. In eyes of those I meet, in the intricate patterns of the summer leaves, in the hands of women that I work alongside.




I returned from my first trip to Haiti more than a month ago…  (read the rest of the post over at Kate’s place)



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